China's tech sector enjoys fruit of kiwifruit harvest

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China's tech sector enjoys fruit of kiwifruit harvest

China's Joyvio Group announced it would be sourcing around 4,000 tons (MT) of gold kiwifruit to supermarkets and online retailers from its farms near Chengdu, the South China Morning Post reported. kiwi-gold_56346145 _ small

The Liu kiwifruit, a tribute to chairman Liu Chuanzhi, demonstrates Legend Holdings' new focus on the agricultural sector. Parent company of the Lenovo Group, Legend Holdings began expansion from its IT business into the food sector in 2010.

The result has been Joyvio, an independent business unit with blueberry, kiwifruit and other fruit crops in China, Chile and Australia.

Cherries and grapes are also expected from Joyvio's operations in the United States, Australia, and Chile by the end of the year, the Chinese publication said.

The company is now reported to have the largest kiwifruit production area in China, with plantations in the Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Henan provinces. Over 700 hectares of kiwifruit and counting have been planted through the Sichuan China New Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.

Its blueberry business has come with a US$41 million investment and over 1,000 hectares of plantings in Shandong, Liaoning, Sichuan and Hubei. It has also come with the support of a strategic partnership with Chile's Subsole.

Joyvio president Chen Shaopeng said the agriculture business was established with such confidence that it has been given no investment ceiling.

"Mr. Liu often said to us that agriculture is an industry that could greatly benefit the nation and the people, and it's also an area that we can make use of our advantages to do well," the former Lenovo president told South China Morning Post.

"Modern agriculture is actually very much a high-technology industry. Our rich experience in the IT industry is of great help."

The IT element of the company is noted by its advanced tracking system, which can trace product back to its source through scanning codes. The division is also testing the application of an original design manufacturer model, commonly used in tech companies.



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