Brazilian tomato prices soared in 2013

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Brazilian tomato prices soared in 2013

With prices soaring across the supply chain, tomatoes were one of the foods that took the greatest dip in Brazilian pocketbooks in 2013, reported.tomates_on vine_ffp

Brazil's national tomato prices soared so high in 2013, one Italian restaurant reportedly removed the ingredient from its menu, the publication reported.

The price paid to producers rose a reported 800% for a box of the household staple. On the wholesale market, a 20-kilo box that once sold for R$20 (US$8.47) rose to R$160 (US$67.73).

The year brought low productivity, especially in March and Abril, due in part to plant diseases and lack of manual labor.

Other foods that saw significant price increases were flour, milk, black beans, eggs, leafy greens and vegetables.


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