New Zealand calls off fruit fly quarantine restrictions

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New Zealand calls off fruit fly quarantine restrictions

After fruit fly detection sent a pest scare through New Zealand, the Ministry for Primary Industries called off movement restrictions for fruits and vegetables Friday in the Whangarei area.733px-Queensland_Fruit_Fly_-_Bactrocera_tryoni

The annoucement concludes two weeks of trapping, fruit sampling and testing, said MPI deputy director general, Andrew Coleman.

"We have received our final results from trapping and fruit examination and I am delighted to say that our rigorous checks found no further sign of the Queensland fruit fly in the Whangarei area. New Zealand’s fruit fly-free status remains intact, as it has throughout this response. There is no longer any need for residents in the area to be restricted in their movements of produce," Coleman said.

Restrictions were implemented two weeks ago, after a male Queensland fruit fly was detected in northern New Zealand. Out of precaution, residents were asked to not move fruits and vegetables outside the zone.

Fruit fly surveillance will continue in the area through 33 traps place in high-risk locations.

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Photo: James Niland via Wikimedia Commons

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