Brazilian melons approved for import to Chile

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Brazilian melons approved for import to Chile

Fresh muskmelons (Cucumis Melo) and watermelons (Citrullus Lanatushave been approved for import to Chile from the Brazilian states of Ceará and Río Grande do Norte, the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture announced.Watermelons

Approval came after the states were found to be free of South American cucurbit fruit fly (Anastrepha grandis), which attacks watermelons and other fruit in the Cucurbitacea family.

Watermelon shipments must come accompanied with phytosanitary certificates verifying that it originated from a zone free of melonworm (Diaphania hyalinata). 

Muskmelons will require certification of origin from a zone free of Anastrepha grandis, as well as absence of melonworm and Jack Beardsley mealybug (Pseudococcus jackbeardsleyi).

Marcelo Junqueira of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (Mapa) called the announcement a sign of good things to come for the nation's fruit exports.

"Beyond attainment of the Chilean market, Mapa believes this opening is a sign of confidence in the quality of Brazilian products, while giving way to new markets," Junqueira said in a press release.

Brazil currently exports watermelons to 11 countries and melons to 21 countries.



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