NZ: Zespri makes historic health claim submission

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NZ: Zespri makes historic health claim submission

New Zealand kiwifruit marketer Zespri has drawn upon the results of 10 years of clinical studies to lodge a self-substantiated health claim with local standards authorities, which if successful has the potential to be adopted by other jurisdictions.

Zespri general manager for science and innovation, Dr David Tanner, said the claim under the Food Standards Australia-New Zealand (FSANZ) standard for nutrition, health and related claims was not only the first of its kind at home, but likely worldwide.

"The claim – that Zespri Green Kiwifruit can contribute to normal bowel function – will not come as a surprise to most people," Tanner said in a release.

"However it’s important to us to get this health claim from FSANZ to move towards our longer-term strategy of getting a European health claim for Zespri Kiwifruit."Zespri Green health benefits low-res panorama

Zespri green kiwifruit are a branded version of the green Hayward variety, which is the most commonly grown kiwifruit internationally.

The claim also utilizes supporting evidence from other research, as well as a systematic review of literature and data by independent scientists on behalf of Zespri.

"Our research shows that the more consumers know about the health benefits of kiwifruit, the more likely they are to see kiwifruit as an important nutritious addition to the daily diet," said Zespri global marketing manager, Veronique Parmentier.

"We want to build on our base of loyal, regular consumers who value the digestive health benefits they get from eating kiwifruit.

"Many countries require any health claims to be scientifically proven and approved by their governments and this substantiated health claim is part of our strategy to develop our health marketing strategy, as the world leader in kiwifruit."

The release highlighted kiwifruit had a high nutrient density and a good source of fiber with the enzyme actinidin, which may help to break down proteins during digestion. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C.

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