EU evaluates Colombia's organic production standards

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EU evaluates Colombia's organic production standards

Colombia hopes to enter a select list of third country producers recognized by the European Union for its organic production standards.fruit_square

The nation's Ministry of Agriculture met with an EU delegation this week to discuss possible recognition of Colombia as a certified organic producer on par with European norms.

If approved, Colombia would gain greater access to international markets, explained the minister of agriculture, Rubén Darío Lizarralde.

"Colombia's economic future depends on conquering international markets. This is why we must increase exports of agricultural and fish products," Lizarralde said.

Colombia's request has been made under a European Commission resolution from 2006 that regulates processing, packaging, labeling and imports, among other production norms. The legislation also allows for the establishment of an agricultural control system.

The Colombian Ministry of Agriculture highlighted the significance that such recognition would have for small producers, who would then have the opportunity to sell their certified organic products under the requirements of the European market.

The approval process will also provide Colombian authorities, such as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), the opportunity to improve agricultural norms to guarantee food safety and protect human health.

After the EU visit to Colombia, the delegation will prepare a report over several months to determine if the nation meets its standards.


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