Durians, longans drive greater Thai fruit profits in China this year

July 27 , 2015

The leading foreign fruit supplier to the Chinese market has seen its returns rise slightly in the first five months of this year, amid stable volumes and improved freight on board (FOB) prices for two of its leading crops. durian_33704179 _ small

Statistics from the Customs Department of the Kingdom of Thailand show fruit exports to China experienced a 4% increase in local currency value, reaching 5.794 billion baht (US$166 million) for the period.

Export volumes were down slightly by 5% for longans at 71,590 metric tons (MT), but FOB prices per kilogram were up 4%. Meanwhile, durian volumes were similar at 60,647MT with FOB prices up 5%.

The third-largest fruit export crop was mangosteens, registering a 30% volume rise year-on-year to reach 25,656MT.

The department said exports of litchis, mangoes, rambutans and pineapples reached a combined level 4,024MT, representing a fall of 39%.

Last year Thailand's fruit exports to China totaled US$392.8 million, which was down 13% year-on-year but still up 96% over a five-year period.

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