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U.S.: Beaumont Products launches organic veggie wash

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U.S.: Beaumont Products launches organic veggie wash

The leading seller of produce wash in the U.S. now has an organically-certified product, in a bid to keep up with consumer concerns about chemical cleaners. Beaumont Products - Veggie Wash

In a release, Georgia-based Beaumont Products said its Organic Veggie Wash was certified in accordance with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) standards by Oregon Tilth.

The addition of the organic version to the group's Veggie Wash line comes at a time when more U.S. consumers are searching for organically-farmed foods, and don't want to make the products "conventional" by using chemicals to clean them.

According to Organic Trade Association (OTA) statistics, fruits and vegetables made up 36% of all organic food purchases in 2014, outpacing the whole organic category's growth by 1%.

"We created Veggie Wash many years ago as a better way for consumers to get rid of waxes and pesticides which are often used by farmers and food processors on fruits and vegetables," Beaumont president Jeff Picken said.

"And, since these pesticides and waxes are designed to be water-resistant, water washing alone is not enough.

"We added Organic Veggie Wash because we have seen the increasing number of consumers who want more organic foods, but know that just because food has been organically grown doesn’t necessarily mean it's clean."

In the release, Picken emphasized the new wash was designed to clean fruits and vegetables as effectively as the group's original product, while maintaining organic status.

"We are not looking to replace our traditional, natural-version of our Veggie Wash," he said.

"We simply want to help those consumers who are going out of their way to buy organic produce, to be able to use a fruit and vegetable wash that won't sacrifice the desired organic characteristics that they want for their families in wholesome, great tasting, and clean food."



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