Brazil: New start-up follows global trend to promote 'ugly' food -

Brazil: New start-up follows global trend to promote 'ugly' food

Brazilian start-up Fruta Imperfeita has begun selling low-cost 'ugly' fruits and vegetables in São Paulo.

The company aims to mitigate the amount of food waste in the country. Currently over 30% of food produced daily in Brazil is wasted, in a country which suffers from high levels of malnourishment and hunger.Logo_Fruta_Imperfeita-300x243

Fruta Imperfeita, started by Roberto Fumio Matsuda and Nathália Inada, sells products thathave not met standards due to flaws in appearance or color, despite their nutritious value and appealing flavor.

Many Brazilian growers are already participating in the initiative, and the number is expected to grow.

The company is currently operating in the south of São Paulo but expects to expand its business to meet growing demand for these low-cost fruits and vegetables.

Customers can choose among different delivery baskets, and can sign up for a single delivery, monthly delivery or a bi-monthly delivery service.

The launch comes amid debate over the market's tailoring of so-called good-looking fruits and vegetables, rather than simply concentrating on the nutrients, health benefits and value of eating fresh produce.

Additionally, the food waste polemic has recently gained momentum abroad, with French politician Arash Derambarsh calling on U.S. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and EU President Jean-Claude Juncker to follow in France'’s footsteps to change the laws and put an end to the food waste scandal ‘once and for all’.

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