China: Tasmanian apples in the spotlight at Fruitday -

China: Tasmanian apples in the spotlight at Fruitday

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China: Tasmanian apples in the spotlight at Fruitday

Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL) has highlighted the promotion of Hansen Orchards-grown apples on prominent Chinese e-commerce site FruitDay.

In a release, the group drew attention to the site's promotion of the provenance, grower and the apple itself, branded as the Tasmanian Tiger Fuji.

"Understanding the origin of the product is very important for discerning Chinese consumers who are keen to learn not only about the environment from where their apples are sourced but also about the growers themselves, particularly when a family business is involved," said APAL market development manager Olivia Tait.

“We know that China is the largest producer of apples in the world, yet niche consumer markets exist where consumers are seeking branded and differentiated product that has trusted and credible provenance.”Tiger Fuji promotion Fruitday

Last year, FruitDay co-founder Loren Zhao visited Scott Brothers’ orchard to see the Tasmanian Tiger Fuji apples, which are purchased by the Chinese group via Hansen Orchards.

Hansen has been supplying FruitDay with apples for three season, starting in April 2014 with the first shipment of Australian Royal Galas to mainland China.

"Andrew [Scott, of Scott Brothers] strategically allows the Tasmanian Tiger Fuji apples to ripen on the tree to ensure maximum brix levels are achieved," said Hansen Orchards marketing manager Baden Ribbon.

"This season the Tasmanian Tiger Fuji is averaging 16 in brix, which is very sweet for an apple."

Ribbon said other importers said the eating quality of Tasmanian Tiger Fuji apples helped separate them from other Fujis available in their markets.

"FruitDay is very happy and proud to work with Scott Brothers and Hansen Orchards together to introduce the Tasmanian Tiger Fuji to China’s costumers," Zhao added.

"To FruitDay customers this is not just a normal Fuji apple. The taste is very sweet and suitable for the Asian taste."

Headline photo: Andrew Scott and Loren Zhao during visit to Tasmania in 2015

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