China to strengthen inspections for NZ kiwifruit imports

August 01 , 2016

Chinese authorities have called for stricter monitoring of New Zealand kiwifruit imports after two shipments were found to have "kiwifruit rot" last month.

From the initial announcement it was unclear what the disease was actually called, but it has now been confirmed as Neofabraea actinidiae.

In a notification the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) called on its bureaus around the country to strengthen their inspections of kiwifruit from the country.

Once any suspected bacteria are discovered, AQSIQ said samples should be taken as soon as possible, and if Neofabraea actinidiae is found the kiwifruit out to be returned or destroyed.

The notification is valid for six months.

The discovery came shortly after an alleged trade dispute emerged between New Zealand and China over claims a complaint could potentially be made over Chinese steel imports and speculation this could lead to retaliation against New Zealand primary industry exporters.