Freshmax NZ debuts new avocado model

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Freshmax NZ debuts new avocado model

Freshmax NZ has announced a new collaborative avocado procurement and distribution model in the New Zealand market for the 2016-17 season, aimed at direct sales and delivering cost efficiencies to growers.

and has employed an industry veteran to help lead the change.

The 'Avora' trademark represents a new approach to aggregating New Zealand’s fragmented avocado supply base and delivering the most cost efficient fruit to domestic and export markets.

Connecting the company's trans-Tasman distribution platform, Avora provides direct access to retail and wholesale markets in both Australia and New Zealand. In addition it will continue to grow the proportion of fruit put into its Asian customer network including direct to retail.

The model uses a link with Freshmax NZ's Australian sister company to reduce distribution costs and margins.

Freshmax describes the model as "radically different" in that it can create scale for its growers, supply growing demand in Australian and Asian retail, and ultimately drive enhanced grower returns.

The company has appointed Jim Tarawa to drive the new model alongside category leader Duncan Lilley and Dave Alderton in the Northland region.

Tawara has a wealth of avocado experience in the New Zealand industry and is particularly enthusiastic about introducing Avora to the country's growers.

"“I’m really excited to be part of the Avora™ marketing team. Freshmax have taken an audacious step in challenging the status quo amongst the export industry," he said in a release.

"The message to growers is simple – one commission is deducted through the supply chain. A modest per tray flat rate to cover the expenses running a small specialist team is all that is required.

"Freshmax have moved the actual sales commission line to where it should belong which is in-market."


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