Major Argentine pome fruit exporter closes packhouse -

Major Argentine pome fruit exporter closes packhouse

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Major Argentine pome fruit exporter closes packhouse

One of Argentina's largest apple and pear shippers has announced the closure of one of its packhouses and cold storage facilities in the Rio Negro province, with the loss of 130 jobs. manzana-shutterstock_117519346

Expofrut, which is owned by Belgium-headquarted Univeg, closed its plant in the city of Allen last week, according to local media

Two other fruit companies in the area are reported to be considering closing their facilities.

In a report, the head of the workers' union Rubén López said 320 employees were fired last in 2015, adding the plant's closure was down to the inability to find new markets.

Argentina's pome fruit industry has been facing troubles over recent years, in part due to currency exchange rate issues and a lack of available export markets.

"I have worked all my life at this company, and now, because they say we are not profitable, they thrown us out on the street," one employee was quoted as saying.

"What is there to do for those of us who were born packing fruit if there are constantly fewer packhouses because they keep closing and new ones don't open."


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