Chilean public officials strike causes "serious disturbances", claims ASOEX -

Chilean public officials strike causes "serious disturbances", claims ASOEX

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Chilean public officials strike causes

The strike has had serious effects at Santiago International Airport, where highly perishable fruits have faced delays and missed flights. 

Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) president Ronald Bown has called for an urgent solution to an ongoing labor conflict involving public sector workers, which may become even more complicated in the coming days as more farms enter the harvesting period. 

He said the National Association of Fiscal Employees (ANEF) strike which yesterday was entering its 16th day was affecting airfreight shipments of cherries and blueberries in particular; fruits that must be exported as soon as they are harvested and packed. santiago-shutterstock_198592412-edit

He said there were wait times of up to 14 hours for the dispatch of airfreight lots with some even missing their flights, leading to losses while damaging fruit quality and condition.

"Because of this, it is absolutely necessary that ethical shifts of Public Services work adequately, with the aim of avoiding the loss of perishable products like fruit which were produced after one year of work," Bown said.

He added the non-clearance for couriers was another important issue to consider, given they had to be inspected by customs. 

"This has even obliged some companies to dispatch this documentation from Argentina."



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