Fairtrade banana sales soar in Austria

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Fairtrade banana sales soar in Austria

Consumption of Fairtrade bananas in Austria hit a new record in late 2016, according to local media Handelszeitung.at. banana_66284746

The publication reported 9.8 million Fairtrade bananas had been consumed in the European country from mid-October to mid-November, representing a 45% year-on-year increase.

Bananas are the most consumed fruit in the world, but low salaries and hard working conditions continue to be a common issue for farmworkers.

In order to boost sales of Fairtrade bananas, the international organization launched a campaign in October with the slogan “Machen Sie mit uns aus dem krummen Ding eine gerechte Sache”, meaning 'Help us to straighten what is crooked'.

Plantation workers agree on the conditions that must be met for the fruit to be sold as Fairtrade, according to the publication. They also decide on which social or economic projects the funds are to be invested.

According to Bautista Cañar Agurto, a banana grower and member or the Fairtrade cooperative ASOGUABO in Ecuador, it is 'impressive' how many people find employment under the program.

"Without Fairtrade we wouldn't be able to survive with all the international competition," he was quoted as saying on a recent visit to Austria.

"Fairtrade has provided great benefits for our workers and entire towns. This has been possible because more and more people here in Europe are eating Fairtrade bananas." 

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