U.S.: Sun Pacific's Bob DiPiazza to transition to advisory role

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U.S.: Sun Pacific's Bob DiPiazza to transition to advisory role

After nearly 10 years with Sun Pacific, Bob DiPiazza will be transitioning to a consulting role of senior advisor to the company's chairman and leadership team, effective April 1. 

DiPiazza first starting working with California-based company as managing consultant and then as president of sales and marketing.

“I’ve had a very rewarding 40-year career in the retail grocery industry, and working with Berne Evans and the team at Sun Pacific for the past 10 years has been very fulfilling," he said in a release.

"Sun Pacific’s passion for quality and innovation made for a great working relationship, and led to unique new product development.

"While I will be slowing down a bit and moving to an advisory role, I will continue to work directly with Berne Evans and the team on key customer relationships, as well as consulting on other business and industry issues and opportunities.”

Meanwhile, company chairman Berne Evans said DiPiazza had been "instrumental" in helping the Sun Pacific grow "a number of key retail partnerships."

“He has such extensive experience in this industry and we have been lucky to have him as a part of our team. We look forward to having him continue in this advisory role," Evans said.


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