U.S.: Avocados From Mexico enjoys strong social media engagement at SXSW festival

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U.S.: Avocados From Mexico enjoys strong social media engagement at SXSW festival

The Avocados From Mexico (AFM) brand returned this year to South By Southwest (SXSW) with what it describes as a "happiness-fueled influencer campaign" that drove widespread social media engagement. 

SXSW is an annual conglomerate of film, interactive media and music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas.

AFM said that data from social media monitoring company SimplyMeasured showed AFM’s #AvoHappiness activities generated over 90,000 mentions, which resulted in over 1.6 billion impressions for the “Always in Season” brand.

This engagement allowed the “Avo Happiness” message to become a "significant driver of SXSW-related online conversation", extending beyond the festival with an estimated potential reach of 23 million.

"SXSW was an ideal time for AFM to engage new audiences, and their participation continues the brand’s commitment to connecting with consumers in unexpected ways," a release said. 

"AFM’s attendance was focused on showcasing the always in season fruit, and how the brand embraces innovation and new technologies – specifically around personalization. The brand did this through introducing SXSW attendees to its one-of-a-kind, kitchen of the future, avocado vending machine called the Avo-Matic."

The Avo-Matic features four computer screens where attendees could select their favorite ingredients to create the perfect, personalized avocado dish.

Minutes after selecting their favorite ingredients, their "avo-concoction" would appear. All the while, consumers were able to engage with intuitive Artificial Emotional intelligence software – inserted into the Avo-Matic’s ordering screens.

"We are always looking for unexpected ways to push our brand and raise awareness for all that avocados offer," AFM digital marketing director Ivonne Kinser said.

“The Avo-Matic proves this point two-fold, as the activation found the intersection between great, tasty, customized dishes and showcasing how we’re incorporating the latest innovations into our brand strategy.”

As a pop culture trailblazer in the produce category, AFM also sponsored SouthBites, an annual event featuring the best food trucks from Texas and across the U.S. This year, all the food trucks participating infused avocado dishes into their menus, giving guests the opportunity to engage with various cuisines while still enjoying the always in season, deliciousness of avocados.

In addition, the brand hosted a VIP culinary experience with acclaimed chef, Kent Rathbun, and treated attendees to fresh guacamole at local Austin restaurant, El Naranjo.

Through all of Avocados From Mexico’s on-the-ground activations, it’s estimated that nearly 23,000 attendees interacted with the brand during SXSW.  

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