Australian café's 'avolatte' causes a stir

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Australian café's 'avolatte' causes a stir

Australian millionaire and real estate mogul Tim Gurner recently advised millennials struggling to purchase a home to stop buying avocado toast.

He is unlikely to greet the news that a Melbourne café has started selling a latte served in an avocado skin with much enthusiasm.


THE AVOLATTE ? ☕️ Coffee poured into fresh avocado ? Would you try it? ?Truman Cafe, Albert Park, Melbourne | ? Credit: @3dvisionvideography @trumancafealbertpark #lickyourphone

Una publicación compartida de FOOD & TRAVEL DESTINATIONS ?? (@lickyourphone) el

The Truman Café has caused an international stir by selling its 'avolatte', which local media reported was either a clever marketing campaign wrapped up as a tongue-in-cheek satire about the housing affordability debate, or simply an example of "peak hipster."

Head barista Jaydin Nathan told publication The West Australian four were sold on Monday for the same price as regular coffee.

“Maybe some people thought it was meant to be a joke but food is meant to be fun, food is meant to be art,” he was quoted as saying.

“Some people don’t like [innovative chef] Heston Blumenthal but I guess it depends (on) which way you look at it.”

The café published its creation on its Instagram earlier in May before a clip by Middle Park videographer Angelo Katsaros went viral on a food and travel account.

Nathan joked if it took off, he might be able to get into the housing market himself.

“If some people want to give some of their hard-earned cash away to help me with a deposit on a house, that would be great,” he was quoted as saying, while laughing.

The creation has divided the ever opinionated internet with everyone from UK newspaper The Independent to a news website in Cleveland tweeting about it.

The news even led to the team at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to tweet they weren't willing to get on board with the word 'avolatte'  just yet.


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