U.S.: Chiquita facility to use world’s largest solar rooftop tracking system

October 13 , 2017

Solar technology company Edisun Microgrids has installed what it says is the world’s largest rooftop tracker project at a California cold store facility used by banana multinational Chiquita Brands International. 

Edisun says its technology generates more electricity by using tracking systems that let solar panels tilt as the sun passes overhead every day.

The project utilizes 2,900 trackers, which will be installed on 368,000 square feet of a 528,000 square foot cold storage industrial building in Oxnard where Chiquita is the tenant.

The building’s owner, Harry Ross Industries, financed and owns the system.

Edisun says that by tracking the sun throughout the day, its PV Booster technology increases energy production by 30% and enhances project economics by 20% when compared to conventional fixed-tilt installation.

“From responsible water management to the adoption of renewable energy, environmental stewardship has been a key pillar of the Chiquita business for decades,” Chiquita president and CEO Andrew Biles said in a release.

“Going solar at our Oxnard facility helps us directly achieve our corporate sustainability goals, and meaningfully strengthens our leadership position among environmentally conscious global organizations.”

This first project developed under a partnership with West Hills Construction is a 1.0 megawatt (MT) solar array, and the companies plan to develop 20MW of commercial and industrial rooftop solar projects.

“PV Booster’s technology fundamentally improves the economics of rooftop solar for developers, installers, building owners, and tenants, which aligns with our core mission to revolutionize the economics of solar,” Edisun CEO Bill Gross said.

“We believe this increase in the value of solar projects, such as Chiquita’s Oxnard installation, will be the catalyst for the widespread adoption of solar in the C&I sector.”

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