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U.S.: Opal apple marketing campaign sees positive results

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U.S.: Opal apple marketing campaign sees positive results

The U.S. marketers of the Opal apple say they are experiencing a highly successful campaign this year, with the variety featured in an array of consumer media reaching over 43 million impressions since the season began late last month. 

FirstFruits Marketing of Washington says the Opal brand is backed by a  comprehensive marketing strategy and calculated initiatives, claiming it the "most supported apple in the market."

Media highlights so far this season include features on Today.com, Reader’s Digest, Delish, Taste of Home, FoodBeast, The Nibble, Extra Crispy and Hungry Forever.

FirstFruits Marketing said Opal continued to be a hot topic on consumer websites featuring the latest news about food, adding it was positioned among the top 20 apple varieties in the country during the 2016-17 season.

"We're delighted with all the media attention surrounding the Opal apple this season,” FirstFruits Marketing of Washington general manager Chuck Zeutenhorst said.

"It’s great to see our marketing efforts for Opal coming together, and we will continue to find new and effective ways to increase awareness. We enjoy connecting with retailers and supporting stores on an individual basis and we’re off to a great start.”

The 2017-2018 season marketing campaign includes in-store support for retailers, consumer events in target markets throughout the country, an extensive consumer public relations program, targeted digital advertising, engaging social media and a comprehensive social influencer program.

The campaign emphasizes Opal’s points of differentiation including its natural resistance to oxidation, bright yellow exterior, distinctively crispy texture, and sweet yet tangy flavor.

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