U.K.: Tesco launches plant-based "Wicked" meal range

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U.K.: Tesco launches plant-based

Demand for vegetarian and vegan food has soared recently, leading the British retailer to launch a new range that celebrates plants. 

U.K. supermarket chain Tesco released a new, exclusive range of prepared meals across 600 stores yesterday through a partnership with chef Derek Sarno, co-founder of plant-based food blog Wicked Healthy.

From crispy carrot ‘pastrami’ to wicked-meated barbecued ‘shrooms and Sourdough Pizza, the new meals, wraps and salads from the 'Wicked Kitchen' are in tune with trends towards new lifestyle choices such as Meat Free Mondays and flexitarian diets. 

In the last year alone Tesco has directly seen the effect of those lifestyle choices with demand for chilled vegetarian ready meals and meat substitutes soaring by 25%.

“When I first arrived in Britain from America I was hugely surprised at how little choice there was for vegans and those considering a lifestyle change," Sarno said.

“For too long, vegans have been overlooked, with many offerings that are available seemingly created to appease rather than truly please," he said.

“Wicked Kitchen plans to change all that and I’m proud to work with Tesco and offer all its customers delicious meals to get them on board with this growing foodie revolution."

The exclusive range includes 11 ready meals and nine food to go options:


Carrot Pastrami-Spiced Wrap, 270g, £3

Beetroot tortilla wrap power-packed with crisp, punchy carrot and a vibrant vegetable mix. 

Sweet Potato Pakora Wrap, 270g, £3  

Sweet potato pakora, fire-roasted red pepper, crispy carrot and creamy Sriracha vegan mayonnaise in a tortilla wrap. 

Smashin' Pumpkin Falafel Sandwich, 249g, £3  

Not your ordinary pumpkin falafel - dressed with punchy vegan harissa mayonnaise, crunchy vegetables and roasted red pepper hummus on tomato bread.  


Rainbow Curry Bowl (GF), 245g, £3.50

Wicked colourful curried pulses with fiery sweet potato, onion bhajis, fragrant mango and a cool minty dressing. This one’s gluten free.  

Moroccan-Inspired Bowl, 179g, £3.50 

Turmeric bulgur wheat salad, spiced beetroot, tangy pickled red cabbage and roasted red pepper hummus. 


Wicked Teriyaki Noodles, 296g, £4 

Teriyaki-style noodles with press-roasted cluster mushrooms, sweet ‘n’ savoury glaze, Asian-style vegetables and tangy lime to finish.  

Naked Burrito, 400g, £4  

Pulled king Eryngii mushrooms roasted in a blend of Mexican inspired spices and jalapeños. 

Nana's Mushroom Bolognese, 400g, £4 

Slow-braised meaty eryngii mushrooms and vegetable linguine in a legendary secret sauce from Derek’s grandmother’s recipe. 


Caponata Sourdough Pizza, 280g, £4

Wood-fired sourdough, aubergine and caper caponata and a pop of zingy salsa verde. 

BBQ Mushroom Sourdough Pizza, 300g, £4 

Pulled king oyster mushrooms and spice on wood-fired hand-stretched sourdough.  



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