Colombia: Cocaine seized in banana chips shipment intended for EU market

January 15 , 2018

The Colombian National Police’s narcotics division recently intercepted 466kg (1,027lbs) of cocaine in a consignment of banana chips that had Le Havre, France as its intended destination, W Radio reported. 

“Police discovered a container that contained 465 boxes full of fried bananas with rectangular packets that turned out to be cocaine hydrochloride,” Cartagena Metropolitan Police commander General Luis Poveda told the broadcaster.

The story reported that in a simultaneous operation on a road control between Cartagena and Bayunca, an individual was detained for carrying 46kg (101lbs) of the illicit substance in their vehicle. 

“The cache was discovered by a guide and his anti-drug dog called Bruno, whose sense of smell was able to detect some contaminated packets as he sat in front of them,” Poveda told the radio station.

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