Spain: Peach, apricot growers worst hit by Murcia frosts

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Spain: Peach, apricot growers worst hit by Murcia frosts

Farmers in the Spanish region of Murcia are estimated to have incurred damages in excess of €20 million due to recent frosts, according to the local government.

Peach and apricot growers are believed to be most severely affected in the major horticultural area.

The Murcian government's Department of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries made the estimate following initial on-site inspections.

The department's chief, Francisco Jódar, on Monday visited the most affected areas of the southeastern region - Calasparra and Cieza.

"The damages are widespread since the lower temperatures also affected the Rio Mula area in the northwest, Guadalentín on the plateau and to a lesser extent, the farms of [the region's capital city] Murcia," he said.

"Farmers are business people who have to face special difficulties like inclement weather that are not shared with any other economic activity."

He also reiterated the importance of having insurance coverage to help recuperate lost income. Coverage for peach and apricot growers is said to be 90% and 70% respectively.

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