Chile: Pink Lady apples aim to conquer domestic winter market

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Chile: Pink Lady apples aim to conquer domestic winter market

This year the Pink Lady brand will be positioned in Chilean supermarkets for the first time ever, having developed a strong export market in Europe.

Chile is the world's third-largest producer, behind Italy and France, and this year expects to produce some 75,000 metric tons (MT) of the apple.

For over 20 years, the industry has sent more than 98% of its Pink Lady volume to Europe, supplying 60% of the continent's off-season market.

Now, however, the brand is aiming to conquer the Chilean winter market, implementing a strategy to capture the attention of local consumers.

"Pink Lady is one of the biggest success stories on a global scale. It is much more than just a variety as it has unique attributes, which are recognized and trusted by consumers," said Andrés Álamos, brand manager of Pink Lady South America.

The organization claimed that 90% of consumers of the apple in the U.K. are women, with the brand focusing on dominating the female consumer market.

The first tool to be used in Chile will be social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram. The campaign will not only focus on the taste of the Pink Lady, but will also offer the consumer the "feminine values of the brand, such as health, beauty and wellbeing."

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