U.S.: Sun World grape category director to retire

May 15 , 2018

Sun World International has announced that its grape category director, Richard ‘Rick’ Paul, will retire on May 18th, after 26 years.

“Through 26 years, and so much history, my time has come,” said Paul.

“From the start at the Superior Farming Company to the Sun World we have created, today we stand in our strongest position in new varieties and plantings domestically, and licensees around the world.

“This season will be a game changer, and Sun World is poised for success today and the years to come.”

In a press release, Sun World said it was indebted to Rick for being an integral part in leading the company to its present position in the industry.

It added that his tireless work, passion for the business and mentorship has set a solid foundation for Sun World’s future.


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