Spanish produce exports drop by 6% in value in Q1

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Spanish produce exports drop by 6% in value in Q1

Spanish exports of fruit and vegetables fell by 6% in the first quarter of the year compared to 2017, according to Spanish horticultural grower association FEPEX.

Exports were valued at €3.84 billion, while the volume has remained stable at 3.5 million metric tons (MT).

FEPEX said it was worried by such a sharp value decline, which it attributed mainly to greater competition from countries both in and outside of Europe, including Morocco.

The decrease in value over the period is mainly due to vegetable exports, which have decreased by 12% to €1.96 billion, but increased in volume by 6% to at 1.9 million MT.

Tomato export volumes rose 1% to 348,000MT but the value fell 13% to €388 million. Spain also exported 329,000MT of lettuce (+13%) for €255 million euros (-14%), 301,000MT of bell peppers (+11%) for €401 million (-7%) and 235,000MT of cucumber (-0.4%) for €233 million (-14%).

Meanwhile, fruit exports have decreased in volume by 7% to 1.6 million MT, while the value has remained stable at €1.88 billion euros, the same amount as last year.

Spain exported 20% fewer strawberries (100,000MT), with the value falling by 9% to €265 million, but seed fruits increased in both areas.

In this article, all volumes have been rounded to the nearest 1,000MT.

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