Uruguayan citrus production damaged by hailstorm, but blueberries spared

June 22 , 2018

A hailstorm that hit the Uruguayan region of Salto last week is estimated to have caused losses of 7,110 metric tons (MT) of citrus production.

Heraldo Méndez, general manager in Union of Fruit and Vegetable Exporters and Producers of Uruguay (Upefruy), told Fresh Fruit Portal that 560 hectares of citrus groves had been hit by hail on June 11.

He said that citrus volumes from the South American country would likely be 6% lower than anticipated.

“It was quite a severe weather event. It basically affected citrus export crops and also affected tunnels and macro tunnels being used for production for the domestic market,” he said.

Méndez said various citrus varieties had been damaged. While details have not yet emerged about specific damages to each variety, he said it seemed that oranges and seedless mandarins had been hardest hit.

He also estimated the total losses to be around US$3 million.

Blueberry production was not damaged by the hailstorm, he added.


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