Hurricane Michael: Major fall veg growing regions face total production loss

October 10 , 2018

Hurricane Michael made landfall in northern Florida on Wednesday afternoon with winds of over 155mph, being described at the strongest storm to hit the region in a century.

The Nation Hurricane Center earlier said it should weaken as it crosses the Southeastern U.S.

Weathermelon said Hurricane Michael could do serious damage to northern Florida and southern Georgia, which are growing areas for tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, squash, eggplant and green beans.

The Quincy, FL and Bainbridge, GA farming corridor will take the brunt of this storm, it said. These locations are major growing regions for fall veg and are expecting at least seven inches of rain Wednesday evening.

“We could be looking at a total loss of production out of these areas,” Weathermelon said.

For Quitman, a bell pepper and cuke-producing area, Weathermelon said the crops might be able to withstand the storm, whereas the Florida peninsula and all major winter growing regions should not be too affected.

Over 370,000 people in Florida have been ordered to move to higher ground, with evacuations spanning 22 counties from the Florida Panhandle into north-central Florida, the Orlando Sentinel reported.



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