New service will provide key data on development of Chilean cherry season

October 12 , 2018

The last Chilean cherry season was characterized by record export volume of 187,142 metric tons (MT), which was almost doubled the level of the 2016-17 season.

With 86% of these volumes going to the Chinese market, Chilean growers and exporters are trying to develop the optimal strategies for the future and what tools they could use to make the best decisions during the season.

Decofrut and Yentzen Consulting have tackled this challenge, this week announcing the launch of a new report service that will provide key data about how Chile’s markets behave as the campaign develops.

The Cherry Season Overview 2017-18 will provide information on global production and the evolution of exports to key markets, as well as indicating prices and projections for the next season. In addition, three harvest updates will be provided during the development of the season, available in English and Spanish.

The report is being commercialized by Yentzen Consulting, the parent company of the news sites, and, which provide global industry news are collectively read in 187 countries in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

Manuel José Alcaíno, president of Decofrut, said: “This report will be a compass that will allow the industry to see how the last season developed and to be better informed about how the next season evolves.”

Gustavo Yentzen, managing director of Yentzen Consulting, said: “Thanks to the global reach of our portals we can provide useful and valuable information to the industry’s most important players to help them make their decisions.”

For more information, please visit: Season Overview 2017-18


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