Sunkist’s We Are Citrus launches with innovative marketing programs at 2018 PMA Fresh Summit

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Sunkist’s We Are Citrus launches with innovative marketing programs at 2018 PMA Fresh Summit


Orlando, Fla.— The trend is everywhere for FRESH and Sunkist is ready to meet the demand with more than 40 varieties of fresh quality citrus for the new season, along with innovative ideas, new packaging, merchandising displays and promotional programs to drive citrus sales.

Growth continues in specialty varieties such as sweet, seedless, and low acidity Cara Cara navels and savory, rich blood oranges. Research shows that once consumers taste these varieties, they love the unique flavor profiles and come back for more. The growth of mandarins has been unprecedented, and Sunkist Delite™ mandarins begin shipping in early November with higher volumes this season than in their successful launch a year ago. Sweet, seedless and easy-to-peel, mandarins are a “must-have” variety in the produce department.

“Specialty citrus is about education and experience for consumers,” said Sunkist Director of Retail Marketing Julie DeWolf. “Sunkist has a wide array of retail marketing programs, including sampling, digital coupons, high-graphic secondary display bins and in-store point of sale materials that highlight flavor profiles, nutritional benefits and recipes to build awareness, drive trial and increase sales.”

California grown navel oranges are sweet, juicy, seedless and an excellent source of vitamin C. They are a perfect healthy snack as well as a versatile ingredient for seasonal and everyday recipes. One special themed marketing element, specifically geared towards the Lunar New Year celebration, is the 2019 limited edition “Year of the Pig” 10-pound gift carton, which will be on display in the booth.

Sunkist specialty varieties available include sweet-tart pummelos; Texas Rio Star, Florida, Sweetie and Melo Gold grapefruit; and sweet, easy-peel Satsuma mandarins. Throughout winter and spring, several additional varieties will be available such as minneola tangelos, royal and gold nugget variety mandarins, and Fairchild and Ojai pixie tangerines.

In addition to seasonal specialties, Sunkist offers lemons, limes and grapefruit year-round. These citrus varieties continue to grow in demand for their versatility. Retailers can expand sales using Sunkist’s secondary display options to promote citrus outside the produce section in departments such as seafood and liquor. Specialty lemons are growing in demand along with the category, creating opportunities for seedless, pink variegated Zebra™ lemons, and Meyer lemons—a juicy, sweet and less acidic mandarin/lemon hybrid. Sunkist also offers a range of organic citrus in promotable volumes.

PMA Fresh Summit attendees can visit the Sunkist “We Are Citrus™” booth (#2443), which will feature a live cooking demonstration by Chef Jill Davie and a sampling of delicious Smoked Chicken and Citrus Flatbread. An open juice bar will be serving freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice.

Come to the “We Are Citrus™” booth (#2443) to learn more about citrus and the vast selection of marketing support, including customizable promotional and merchandising programs that can be tailored to unique needs.

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