Valvilla Produce: Socially responsible production from farm to table

October 18 , 2018

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Mexico-based company Valvilla Produce is aiming to become a global supplier of avocados under the model of “doing things right”.

With the completion of one year of operations in the U.S., Valvilla Produce not only focuses on delivering healthy products to the market but also on supporting the development of fruit-producing communities in Michoacán, Mexico.

Valvilla Produce is a family business of Mexican farmers with more than three generations of experience in the avocado industry. It aims to be a vertically integrated company, fully developing the supply chain operating with the concept “From the Farm to Your Table”.

The company brings its production from its own farms to consumers without intermediaries, ensuring that the products delivered are “as God intended.”

Luis Valencia, president and owner of Valvilla Produce told Fresh Fruit Portal that reaching the U.S. is “the basis of what the avocado industry requires”, and that they have various plans in the pipeline to establish themselves as a global supplier of the fruit.

“We are making shipments of avocados to China, Japan and Korea, and in October we will make the first organic shipments to Europe,” he said.

According to Valencia, 80% of its avocado production is certified as organic.

From the farm to the table

Delivering a quality product from their own fields to the consumer’s table is a part of the DNA of Valvilla Produce.

“This arises from the need to participate in the entire supply chain as producers, fulfilling the objective of going from the field to the table. It is not about eliminating intermediaries but about the vision that you can participate directly in everything”, explained Valencia.

Other key elements that have allowed the company to grow are the start of operations in the U.S., with sales in Texas, New Jersey and California.

“The first market we had to enter was the United States, since the Mexican avocado industry focuses mainly on that destination. That was going to help us develop the concept, but we were very clear that our ultimate goal was to be a worldwide avocado supplier,” said Valencia.

The company is also focusing on other markets such as China, Japan, and Korea, where the company’s first avocado containers arrived this month. In addition, they are developing an organic program to Europe, to which the first shipment is expected to be carried out this month.

“That’s why diversification is also part of our strategy and we do not just focus on one particular market, but we were doing the natural process: the United States first, after establishing ourselves there, we aimed at Asia and Europe to later go other markets, for example, we are seeing opportunities in Central America”, explained Valencia.

“We want to make the concept of “from the farm to the table” and ultimately as well this is about a social situation, about feeding the world, and we want to reach everywhere to deliver a quality and healthy product to all the communities.”

Environmental responsibility

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Valvilla Produce vision is the closeness and concern for its workers, supporting them in the development of their needs and in the training of their children.

Valencia explained that the company’s goal is to be “the best integrated company in the industry” and not only to stand out for the quality of the avocados it produces, but also for the help it gives to the communities.

He added that they have all the certifications linked to the care of workers and highlighted that “as a company, we work with foundations that help children and that are concerned about supplying materials for school.”

“Our approach is very linked to children to make a better society,” said Valencia.

Valencia’s wife keeps a record of the needs of each of the workers so that they can be given personalized care in health, education and welfare, thus leaving a legacy for their workers and future generations.

Photo: Courtesy of Valvilla Produce


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