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U.S: Cornell launches new table grape variety

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U.S: Cornell launches new table grape variety

Photo from the Cornell Daily Sun

The Cornell-Geneva Grapevine Breeding and Genetics Program has launched a new table grape variety called Everest Seedless.

The grape, which gets its name from the highest mountain in the world, has blue skin, a large-caliber and is resistant to insects.

It is the first table grape released by the New York-based university's program in 20 years, according to The Cornell Sun.

Professor Bruce Reisch says the launch has fulfilled the goals of the program - to release “flavorful grapes with large berries and large clusters.”

The Everest grape weighs seven grams, about twice the size of a typical Concord grape.

"Unlike other grapes in supermarkets with mild fruity flavors, the Everest Seedless is aromatic and has a burst of flavor that leaves the mouth full of juice," Reisch was quoted as saying.

The variety is said to be resistant to typical New York winters and is resistant to downy and powdery mildew, which have been plagued other grapes in the region.

Reisch added that the grape seemed unaffected by insects as it grew without the need of insecticides in the research vineyards.

Photo: The Cornell Daily Sun

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