Global apple production lowest level in eight years, USDA says

December 14 , 2018

World apple production is at its lowest level in eight years, while table grapes are also expected to see smaller volumes year-on-year, according to a forecast by the U.S. agriculture department (USDA).

For apples, climatic problems in China in April and May severely affected production, with volumes falling by 25% to 31 million MT.

“[Global] exports are projected down to 6.0 million MT on lower shipments by China and Iran, while imports are expected to remain nearly unchanged at 5.8 million,” said USDA.

EU production is forecast to rise 40% to a record 14 million MT as orchards rebound from last year’s severe spring frost and yields improve due to a mild winter.

The rejuvenated supplies are expected to drive EU apple exports up by 80% to 1.4 million MT, but also limit imports to 493,000 MT.

Meanwhile, U.S. production is expected to remain nearly flat at 5.0 million MT as losses resulting from lower fruitset in Washington offsets gains in most apple-growing states.

On table grapes, the report said world production is expected to decline by 1.2 million MT to 22.2 million MT mainly due to weather-induced losses in China and Turkey.

“Lower global supplies are expected to keep exports nearly flat at 3.0 million MT, while lower demand in the United States and Russia contributes to slightly reduced imports, forecast at 2.9 million," it said.




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