China: Dongfang announces record citrus harvest -

China: Dongfang announces record citrus harvest

Chinese agricultural company Dongfang Modern Agriculture Holding Group - a major producer of navel oranges, pomelos and tangerines - has announced a record harvest for 2018.

The navel orange harvest is expected to be a record 42,000 metric tons (MT), up 27% year-on-year. This is thanks to the acquisition of a 354-hectare navel plantation in July, as well as improved productivity.

Tangerine production is expected to be 149,000MT, a record crop sightly over the previous year's 147,000MT due to continued improved productivity.

The pomelo harvest, meanwhile, is expected to be 46,000MT, slightly below the previous year, due to less favorable weather.

Prices for all three categories are expected to be similar to 2017, it said.

In addition to fruit production, Dongdang also grows camellia seeds to make oil, with the harvest up 20% at 9,900MT. It also recently diversified into the health supplement business with the acquisition of a 70% stake in Australia-based Bio Health Pharmaceuticals.

"We are excited about the 2018 harvest, which will set a new production record for the company, and the impending relocation of the Company's 70% owned Bio Health," Dongfang chairman Hongwei Cai said.