Severe heat in South Australia damages stonefruit production

January 16 , 2019

Extreme heat in South Australia is leading to heavy losses for stone fruit growers, with their produce burning from the inside out, according to local media ABC News.

Dried Tree Fruits Australia chairman Kris Werner, who grows stone fruit at his property in Waikerie, between Adelaide and Mildura, said many growers were losing their fruit to ‘stone burn’ due to the heat.

“The stone burns them, which means they burn on the inside, they become squashy and you can’t use them,” Werner was quoted as saying.

The extreme heat has cost Renmark stonefruit grower and packer Dino Cerrachi up to 30 per cent of some stone fruit varieties this season.

“It’s extremely hot and we are expecting 46, possibly 47 degrees [Celsius],” he was quoted as saying.

“Basically, it just sort of cooks that side or that part of the fruit that has the direct sunlight for a length of time and it gives you an impression that it is soft, but it has actually gone jammy from being cooked.”


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