Colombia, a reliable supplier of tropical and exotic fruit at Fruit Logistica

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Colombia, a reliable supplier of tropical and exotic fruit at Fruit Logistica


A delegation of 11 companies, led by ProColombia brings the agri-business offer of Colombia to Fruit Logistica, which will take place on February 6 to 8 in the Messe of Berlin.

Colombia arrives with a strong offer of tropical and exotic fruits, including organic products, such as tamarillo, passion fruit, Physalis or cape gooseberry, pitahaya or yellow dragon fruit, avocado hass or banana. "Fruit Logistica is a fundamental appointment for the world's horticultural industry, so it is key to ProColombia's strategy of boosting export diversification and contributing to the development of agriculture. The Colombian offer will be together with 2,500 exhibitors from around the world in an event that brings together almost 60,000 visitors, most of them are buyers from 139 countries", said Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

The companies that attend Fruit Logistica are Frutireyes, Frutas Comerciales, Green West, Unibán, Pacific Fruits International, Novacampo, Caribbean Exotics and Andes Export, together with representatives from World Avocado Congress 2019 and Cartagena Port Society

From January to August 2018, Colombian exports to Germany from the non-mining segment totalled USD 288.7 million, which is 15.8% more than in the same period of 2017. The agricultural sector registered USB FOB 193,195 .403 from January to August 2018, which represents a variation of 12.5% with respect to the same period of the previous year. On the other hand, the agroindustry registered USB FOB of 64,124,201 from January to August of 2018, which meant a variation of 71%.

Colombia, agri-food pantry for the world

Colombia is unique because of its location, biodiversity and its people. These are the attributes that ProColombia highlights in its 'Colombian Food, as exciting as its origin' campaign, with which it is promoting Colombia's agricultural basket in the world. The campaign is an articulated effort of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Productive Transformation Program (PTP), which has the support of the Colombian Embassies abroad.

Colombia has fertile land, richness in water resources with soils of volcanic origin and an expert human capital that lives in the countryside and ensures the sustainability of natural resources. That is why it is one of the seven countries identified by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), with an agricultural potential to become the world's pantry and attend the growing demand for food, which by 2030 will increase in at least 50%.

Being in the tropics, Colombia does not have a seasonal cycle, but it does have a rich variety of thermal floors, which allows it to have diverse harvests, throughout the year. The campaign has put into circulation a series of videos showing the land and the people who make it possible for the supply of cocoa, fruit or trout and tilapia, to reach the shelves of the world, in the hands of the team that ProColombia has deployed in more than 26 countries.

PROCOLOMBIA is the entity in charge of promoting Tourism, Foreign Investment in Colombia, Non-mining exports and the image of the country. Affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, ProColombia works articulated with Colombian Embassies in the world, to provide support and comprehensive advice to potential investors, entrepreneurs of the tourism sector and international buyers.

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