Sweeki Green kiwifruit season starts in Chile, holds promise for foreign markets

April 03 , 2019

The harvest season for the Sweeki Green kiwifruit has kicked off in Chile, with brand owner Origine Group forecasting increased volumes and good quality.

The group, which is already selling branded fruit from Italy internationally, plans to sell 2,000 metric tons (MT) of Italian Sweeki kiwifruit and 2,000MT more from Chile before the season is over.

Helping to raise the quantity of Sweeki Green kiwifruit for export are the group's two Chilean members, David del Curto and Copefruit.

Their Sweeki will mainly be directed to Asia, where branded kiwifruit from Italy is currently on the market.

Origine Group expects its Chilean product to arrive just as Italy's shipments are drawing to a close. 

“In spite of another difficult year for the Italian kiwi production, Sweeki is meeting a growing interest in the international markets," says Alessandro Zampagna, managing director of Origine Group.

Zampagne attributes this to Sweeki's "high quality, the all-year-round presence, the service to the client and the promotion of the brand".

"The production of our Chilean members, David Del Curto and Copefrut, looks promising and will allow us to serve our clients as best as we can."

According to Origine Group, only kiwifruit of superior quality, with great appearance, high sugar content, and high dry matter can be marketed under the Sweeki brand.

The very first shipments of Sweeki Green from Chile will be made in the next two weeks.



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