Japan: Pair of premium mangoes sell for record US$4,500

April 18 , 2019

A pair of premium Japanese mangoes from Miyazaki Prefecture fetched a record ¥500,000 (US$4,500) in the season’s first auction at a local wholesale market earlier this month, topping the previous best of ¥400,000 (US$3,500), Japan Times reports.

The premium mangoes are called Taiyo no Tamago , meaning Egg of the Sun.

To qualify for this description, they must reportedly meet strict criteria: weigh at least 350 grams each, possess a high sugar content and have more than 50 percent of their skin covered in a bright red hue.

The mangoes were bought by a local produce wholesale company.

“The record price will give a lift to those who grew the mangoes,” said Shota Tatemoto, a 35-year-old employee of the wholesaler.



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