Welch's Announces Relocation of Corporate Headquarters to Waltham, Massachusetts

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Welch's Announces Relocation of Corporate Headquarters to Waltham, Massachusetts

Press release (Welch's)

CONCORD, Mass., June 6, 2024 -- Welch's, an iconic leader in the fruit-based food and beverage industry renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, is thrilled to announce its relocation to Waltham, Massachusetts slated for 2025.

Having a headquarters presence in Concord for the last 40+ years, Welch's worked closely with Cushman & Wakefield to identify office spaces that met the needs of enhancing operational efficiency and while also fostering an environment conducive to innovation and growth. Positioned within the city of Waltham, the new Welch's Headquarters will be located at Reservoir Place at 1601 Trapelo Road, a building owned by BXP.

Welch's Waltham Headquarters will consist of 60,000 square feet of office and lab space, representing the largest office relocation in the Boston suburbs in 2024. Reservoir Place sits directly on US 95, offering easy accessibility for employees and high visibility to the more than 350,000 cars that pass daily. The decision to move to Waltham underscores Welch's commitment to creating a workspace that not only meets the evolving needs of its employees but also helps attract top talent and brings Welch's new bold and vibrant branding to life.

"Welch's is at a pivotal point in our journey where we are driven by ambitious growth and innovation goals as an organization," said Trevor Bynum, President and Chief Executive Officer of Welch's and National Grape Cooperative. "Moving into this new space in the thriving business community of Waltham will offer unparalleled opportunities for our company and workforce and better position us to reach our desired state."

"BXP is thrilled to welcome Welch's and their associates to Reservoir Place located in BXP's Urban Edge business district in Waltham," said Bryan Koop, Executive Vice President for BXP's Boston region. "Welch's commitment to quality and family are an ideal match for Waltham's robust community of diverse and innovative businesses, families, and philanthropic organizations. We look forward to being the home of Welch's future advancement and success at Reservoir Place."

Welch's has partnered with A/E/C solutions to project manage their new facility, which will be designed and built by the architecture and interior design firm SGA. The space will feature modern amenities, enhanced collaboration and meeting spaces, cutting-edge labs, and will qualify for LEED certification.

"Assisting Welch's with its emergence from Concord to prominence on Waltham's Route 128 prime business-belt has been thrilling for us, said Rich Simmons, Senior Director at A/E/C. "This site affords Welch's a solid infrastructure to support its growing complex R&D/Lab programs while keeping sustainability at the forefront."

Welch's looks forward to continuing its legacy of quality and innovation in Waltham and will begin renovations on the new space in Summer 2024, with the full relocation planned for Spring 2025.

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