The Idaho Potato Commission partners with Mexican retailer to create Potato Lover’s Month

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The Idaho Potato Commission partners with Mexican retailer to create Potato Lover’s Month

The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) recently partnered with Mexican retailer Calimax for a four-week promotional campaign to introduce Idaho Potatoes to the Mexican consumer. 

The IPC chose Calimax to sell Idaho potatoes due to its proximity to the U.S. state, just south of the San Diego border. 

“The Idaho Potato Commission and its commissioners have been enthusiastic about the partnership with Calimax. The growers focus on growing high-quality potatoes for its clients, and executing in-store promotions help retailers and growers alike,” says Ross Johnson, international marketing director at the IPC.

“I have been so impressed with the collaboration between the team and Calimax. We strive to find promotions that drive in-store traffic, and the results of the program prove how effectively we have executed this program.”

The promotional goal was more complex than just creating a hot price for potatoes. To increase Idaho’s potato sales in all 95 stores the IPC invested in training the buyers and warehouse personnel on the proper handling and storage of Idaho potatoes. 

Additionally, the promotion created company-wide competitions by challenging each produce departments’ creativity. 

“Exhibits were very pretty and creative, sales increase for 1°, 2° and 3° stores were very good”, said Fabiola Bojorquez, produce purchasing manager at Calimax. 

The IPC provided stores with materials to help create excitement in the produce category. The program was executed in over 85% of the stores in its three formats (Calimax, Aprecio and Bodegon), reducing shrink of fresh potatoes and increased sales in 62%.  

"The operation area was involved with the execution. At management levels they are very happy for the support provided, and that our people have been recognized for their participation," said Bojorquez, commenting on the collaboration between the IPC and Calimax and the success of the program.

A total of 81 stores participated in the Potato Lover’s Month promotion. Through TV, radio, and social media channels, Calimax reached an estimated total of 164,456 consumers. 

More traditional methods like the local newspaper were also used to create excitement for the campaign. The success of the program helped solidify the partnership between Calimax and Idaho Potatoes. 

The IPC will offer support for any retailer looking to increase in-store sales of its famous Idaho Potatoes. 

Idaho is the largest producer of potatoes in the United States and harvests an average of 1.3 billion potatoes a year. Unlike potatoes grown in other states, Idaho potatoes are available year-round due to the conditions and low moisture found on the soil that they’re cultivated in. 

Thanks to these growing conditions, Idaho potatoes offer a high-quality product and make for fluffier baked potatoes, crispier French fries and tastier mashed potatoes. Furthermore, Idaho leads the industry in food-safety techniques, handling, and distribution.

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