Mexican greenhouse grower Agrizar to supply Mastronardi BerryWorld America

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Mexican greenhouse grower Agrizar to supply Mastronardi BerryWorld America

Mexican greenhouse grower Agrizar had made a commitment to exclusively supply Mastronardi BerryWorld America.

Agrizar is one of Mexico’s largest growers, with a production network of over 8700 acres. It has just begun harvesting blueberries and raspberries.

“I was intrigued by the success of BerryWorld’s proprietary berries in global markets,” says Piero Zarattini, president of Agrizar. “But when I witnessed the plants’ durability and yield, and tasted the fruit, I was blown away.”

Paul Mastronardi, president and CEO of Mastronardi Produce, says: “We’re excited to expand our long-standing relationship with Agrizar."

“We’re continually impressed by their operations, facilities, and ability to deliver a fresh, flavorful product. There is massive growth potential for berries in North America, and we look forward to growing together.”

Mastronardi BerryWorld America is a joint venture between Mastronardi Produce Ltd., North America’s leading grower and distributor of greenhouse produce, and the UK-based BerryWorld.

The partnership announced in September last year marks the introduction of BerryWorld’s exclusive berry varieties to the North American market, following a record of successful expansions across Europe and into Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Agrizar’s production of MBWA berries started on Sept. 27.

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