South Korea opens doors to Mexican grapes

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South Korea opens doors to Mexican grapes

Mexico's Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development has announced that the country has gained access to the South Korean table grape market.

With export protocol officially received, Sonoran table grape producers will be able to send their fruit to the Asian country.

This comes after Mexico's national food safety body received official communication from the South Korean plant authority.

South Korea's document stipulates the phytosanitary stipulations for entrance into the market. This marks the final step in a successful deal for grape producers in Sonora.

Earlier this year, an official from the Export Management Division of the Agency of Animal and Plant Quarantine (APQA) from South Korea visited a Sonoran packaging plant.

The purpose of the visit was for the representative to observe how pests were managed throughout the process. Specifically, South Korean staff inspected fruit fly monitoring systems.

In the meeting that followed, the two governments drafted potential phytosanitary requirements.

Now, having received the regulatory information, both governments have moved forward with their decision to make an agreement.

While officials had originally planned to meet in South Korea to further discuss regulatory details and sign a deal, this communication means that they no longer need to.

This more efficient exchange will allow Mexican grapes to enter into the market as quickly as possible. 

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