NZ's biggest fruit exporter cuts haulage costs by 30%

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NZ's biggest fruit exporter cuts haulage costs by 30%

New Zealand-based T&G Global has found a cost-effective alternative to side loader services that have cut container haulage costs 30%. Its new lift system eliminates costly downtime and gives the company more freedom in managing its container logistics, it states.

Previously, the company used skeletal trailers and side loaders.

The new system significantly decreases the time it takes for shipments to be transferred, it says. It makes it so that workers can do container transfers in five minutes, load reefers in 15 minutes and then immediately lift cargo back up for collection. This, says the exporter, provides "fast and efficient turn around times during high season".

The previous method had too much downtime, says T&G. As workers waited for side loaders to arrive, it increased expenses. Side loaders often operate at premium rates while skeletal trailers are cheaper.

Another problem that it identified was that few transport companies in the city had sufficient amounts of side loaders to deliver the service it required. This limited the company in its choice of a service provider.

Now, with the integration of BISON C-Lift A32F, it has "complete independence when it comes to grounding" its 40ft reefers for loading. The installation means that it only needs skeletal trailers from local transport companies.

T&G site manager Barrie Aberhart expresses his enthusiasm about the system's easy to use technology and cost-effectiveness.

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