Italy sends first kiwifruit container to Mexico

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Italy sends first kiwifruit container to Mexico

The first-ever shipment of Origine Group's Italian kiwifruit was on Monday sent to Mexico, a newly opened market.

Despite lower production this year, the Italian kiwifruit season has begun "in a positive way," stated a release from the company this week.

Origine Group exported more than 2,000 metric tons (MT) last year to all markets. For the future, it has big plans and hope "to increase significantly" its exports, it said.

The group represents companies in Italy and other international markets. Therefore, its strategy is to join resources to provide "top-quality products", it detailed.

Zampagna went on to speak about the importance of the Mexican market within the context of its overall strategy in the region.

"This is a further progress in our mission of developing overseas markets, where we want to sell our best fruits,” commented managing direct Alessandro Zampagna.

More precisely, Origine Group said it is a part of a coming together of fruit companies in Italy and Chile to penetrate the markets of the American continent.

“After this first year, where the main objective is to create the commercial relationships with the Mexican clients, in the future we hope to grow in a market that can absorb important volumes” Zampagna added.

Market conditions

This move comes amid "a difficult moment for the Italian fruit and vegetable sector", according to President of the National Association Fruitimprese Marco Salvi. Selling fruit to Mexico and entering into the market is "the first success" for the companies.

This move is a result of work from the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Phytosanitary Service, detailed Salvi.

Photos: Origine Group 

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