India could become "most important" destination for South African pears

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India could become

India rose to be a standout market for South African pears this past season. With the Forelle - or Vermont Beauty - variety gaining popularity, its growth pushed India to be the fourth market for South African exports.

Overall, IG International shipped 1.1m cartons of pears this year. A report by the importer revealed that, despite the slow down of exports in weeks 40-50, packers of Forelle variety pears generate large returns in Indian markets.

Returns from Indian markets are very high during those weeks when there tends to be a supply shortage, it explained.

Of all pears shipped, 57% of them were Forelle pears. Other varieties included the Packham variety, which consumers often chose if Forelles are unavailable.

Growth for Indian market, an opportunity for South African pears

IG International also said that retailers and consumers alike "love" the taste of its imported pears. Because of growing popularity, higher demand provides exciting growth for the fruit category. IG even thinks that India has the potential to become the most important destination for South African Forelle pears.

The importer focused on the significance of the Forelle variety, stating that it could see up to 1m cartons shipped in upcoming years. Therefore, it claimed, South African exporters have "a great opportunity to obtain high returns".

IG International cited that - behind Russia, the Netherlands and the UAE - India ranks fourth for destinations of South African pears.

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