Are fruits and vegetables the key to stop snoring?

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Are fruits and vegetables the key to stop snoring?

Almost one billion people worldwide struggle with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition known to increase the risk for cardiometabolic diseases.

Because of its association with obesity, weight management through caloric restriction is the most commonly taken course of action to mitigate the effects of OSA.

However, a new study is looking at diet quality over caloric intake in hopes of treating this condition.

Researchers Yohannes Adama Melaku, Lijun Zhao, Robert Adams, and Danny J. Eckert took cross-sectional data from 14,210 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey participants to determine the association of plant-based dietary indices (PDI) with OSA risk.

“Higher adherence to a healthy plant-based diet is associated with reduced OSA risk, while an unhealthy plant-based diet has a positive association,” the research stated.

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Participants provided dietary information using the 24-hour recall method. The study used the STOP-BANG tool (Snoring, Tired, Observed (Snort), Pressure (blood pressure), Body mass index (BMI), Age, Neck, Gender) to assess the risk of sleep apnea.

The study found that participants with a higher adherence to a plant-based diet had 19% lower odds of sleep apnea risk compared to those with an omnivore diet.

“Our findings demonstrate the role of plant-based dietary indices in influencing OSA risk. Specifically, participants with the highest adherence to a general and healthy plant-based diet have markedly reduced odds of OSA risk compared to their counterparts with the lowest adherence,” the study concluded.

Plant-based diets are known for focusing on foods primarily from plants. This includes nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. However, fruits and vegetables are a staple in most recipes.

If you’re trying a plant-based diet, Harvard University recommends loading up on vegetables and going for fruits as dessert to satisfy sweet cravings.

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