New red mandarin brand launched by PCN

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New red mandarin brand launched by PCN

Pro Citrus Network (PCN) debuted its MandaRosa brand this week, which will be used for a new proprietary variety of red-fleshed mandarins.

The first shipments from the first-ever harvest went out this week - officially making it the world's first patented pigmented, seedless mandarin on the market, according to a PCN press release.

PCN says it is "eager to see how it performs in the market" since consumers have yet to see the fruit.

The company detailed that the new variety is a natural cultivar of a clementine and a Tarocco blood orange. New in the red mandarin world, the MandaRosa is considered part of the "Mandared" variety - a variety first created in Italy.

Coming from a collaboration between the Citrus Breeding Institute in Sicily and citrus breeders in California, the Mandared varieties are known for their specialty color and taste.

Vice president of business development and marketing for PCN Kim Flores commented that it "is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind mandarin variety". She expressed the excitement of the company to welcome the MandaRosa into its specialty citrus.

Flores added that specialty citrus varieties "are an important part" of the company's commodity portfolio and that consumers are looking for "varieties with superior flavor profiles".

In the case of the MandaRosa, flavor and colors of the fruit change as the fruit matures. Comparable to blood oranges, some of the mandarins take on a reddish purple pigment while others are more reddish orange.

The release went on to detail that PCN is currently working alongside growers and has invested a lot in the program thus far.

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