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Calls for fresh fruit and vegetable sector to lead European climate transition by Freshfel

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Calls for fresh fruit and vegetable sector to lead European climate transition by Freshfel

As the European Commission's new environmental priorities will shape business in the next five years in an upcoming transition to a "climate neutral planet", Freshfel points to the fresh produce industry to lead this transitional period. In a press release on Tuesday, the company said that Europe's fresh fruit and vegetable sector is experiencing unprecedented change - something that challenges mindsets and business models.

Therefore, the company is calling upon the industry to take the reigns as the leading sector to build opportunities amidst EU's new ecologically minded policies. As the European Commission recently announced its priority to lead the transition to a more environmentally friendly earth, this impacts international trade and regulations for businesses.

Increased digitization and plastic reduction policies are among the many changes to take place in years leading up to 2030. Since the unveiling of the European Green Deal in 2019, Europe's efforts to better environmental practices like packaging alternatives, digital trading, carbon neutral supply chains and zero pollution production could benefit the industry. Freshfel says that this provides "ample opportunity" for European fresh produce to take a step forward.

Why the produce industry is equipped to lead efforts, according to Freshfel Europe

In the company's annual trade meeting in Berlin, Freshfel Europe emphasized the favorable position the produce industry is in. General delegate Philippe Binard said "We must not overlook EU-level discussions on Europe’s future direction. The fresh produce sector is already a low environmental impact food industry, however Europe’s current geopolitics stimulating climate neutrality in all areas of business will shape operations and trade in the fresh produce sector for decades to come,".

He went on to add that "now is the time to act and seize this opportunity to be a leader in meeting environmental and consumer demands now and into the future”.

Binard speculated that new policies actually advocate for what the fresh fruit and veggie sector offer, saying, "European Green Deal’s underlying objective is to stimulate plant-based diets across Europe. It is up to the sector to embrace this challenge and build on this new momentum for fresh fruit and vegetables”.

The company also announced that it will track progress of the EU's new legislation to demonstrate its direct and indirect effects on business in the sector. Its findings are to be presented at Freshfel Europe's 2020 annual event.

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