Walmart tests e-commerce platform to compete against Amazon

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Walmart tests e-commerce platform to compete against Amazon

In the battle between the retailers, things are heating up between Walmart and Amazon as Walmart announced testing of its e-commerce platform to compete against Amazon's strong online presence.

According to Recode, Walmart has experienced difficulties fending off the sway of Amazon Prime on its loyal shoppers.

So, the exploration of a membership program it calls Walmart Plus, it hopes to grab shoppers who might otherwise go to Amazon's Whole Foods delivery service.

The move is what some call a rebranding of its Delivery Unlimited service - a service where customers can get same-day delivery groceries for US$98 a year.

Differently from Amazon Prime, as sources say that the company wants to make sure it doesn't just look like an Prime-style model, shoppers may be able to text-in orders to the Plus service.

Additionally, the retailer cited discounts on gas and prescription drugs as perks of the program - things that its competitor can't offer. Although, Amazon recently opened it's first high-tech store earlier this week.

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