New Growing System (NGS) builds hydroponic greenhouse facility in UAE desert

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New Growing System (NGS) builds hydroponic greenhouse facility in UAE desert

New Growing System (NGS) has built a 5-hectare hydroponic greenhouse facility in the desert. This recently inaugurated facility is producing lettuce and tomatoes in the heart of the UAE desert. New Growing System has manufactured this state of the art set up for the company Themar.

NGS has recently developed this exclusive technology for extreme climates, this project is a milestone in terms of efficiency in water use with a cooling system that does not consume water. 

This year around hydroponic operation is based on the NGS recirculation polyethene gutters with economic viability production parameters and high-volume commercial production scale.

These achievements have been recognized by reputable institutions such as the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID), who has signed a collaboration agreement with NGS.

Just 30 minutes from Dubai, this hydroponic farm factory will produce different vegetable varieties al year around thanks to its versatility. Exclusive products such as baby leaf which is currently being brought in by air shipments, will now be the first automated and high-density cultivation unit in the Middle East.

With this NGS technological project, food self-sufficiency in the United Arab Emirates will be significantly improved, while water reserves are controlled, achieving true sustainable production.

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